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A Legacy of Hope in a Clinical Trial…

By M. Angelo from Great Nonprofits Reviews


I am a cancer patient enrolled in my second Clinical Trial at MD Anderson. I have a rare bone cancer called Chordoma of which there is no known cure at this time. I live in North Georgia and have to travel to Houston frequently for doctor visits to receive the life saving drugs that are part of this trial. During my first Clinical Trial I was required to travel to Houston every 21 days for an infusion. If it were not for the financial assistance provided by the Lazarex Cancer Foundation I would not have been able to financially sustain the immense expenses associated with my participation in these trials.

My wife and I live on Social Security. This disease has depleted our life savings. I will be 70 years old tomorrow, October 17, and with the continued support from the Lazarex Cancer Foundation I hope and pray that I will continue celebrating birthdays. I realize that my participation in these Clinical Trials benefit more than just me. I hope and pray that as a result of my participation not only will they find a cure for my cancer but others will also benefit from what is learned.

Thank you Lazarex. You are literally helping to save my life.