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Rodan Builders

Rodan Builders Inc

We thank Rodan Builders for their most generous support of Lazarex Cancer Foundation.

About Rodan Builders:

Rodan Builders specializes in commercial, industrial, and institutional tenant improvements, new construction and overall modernizations. We are able to bid on projects up to $50 million with an aggregate of $80 million per year.

  • We offer the flexibility of a small company but the talent and service of a large company.
  • Our passion is people and it shows every time you step into our office or come to our project, we build to improve people’s lives.
  • The Rodan Family – Loving your job, feeling happy, but still challenged at work is the essence of career fulfillment.
  • Getting opportunities to learn, grow, and being recognized for your contributions, are attributes of being an employee of Rodan Builders.
  • Do It Right