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Barry’s Story

Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon, 63, of Colorado, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in February 2009. It is a very unusual disease for an adult to contract. Barry is a vegetarian, marathon runner, hang glider pilot, ultra-light instructor, horsemen and expert skier. As a real estate broker he developed many friendships as he found ‘perfect’ homes for many families. He served in Vietnam during the draft, he was 19. He guarded perimeters bathed in Agent Orange and has worked with VA affairs on the most recent sarcoma findings.

After diagnosis he was treated with chemotherapy and surgery. Barry was released from care after a cancer-free bone scan. Three months later he was told he had months to live as the cancer had spread to his lungs.

This was “unacceptable” to Barry’s two daughters who diligently searched for alternatives. In January 2010 Barry entered a clinical trial in southern CA and had a period of success without new tumor growth. While meeting with doctors and early into the clinical trial he and his wife were “basically living out of their truck” traveling between LA and San Francisco. Lazarex has helped Barry with lodging and travel expenses since February 2010.

However, one stubborn nodule in Barry’s lung proved problematic and alternatives were explored. During that period and while awaiting a possible lung transplant, he began feeling worse and was rushed to the emergency room. Scans were ordered, and it appeared that the osteosarcoma had traveled to Barry’s brain. Immediately, Barry left for Boulder where the gamma knife/stero-tactic center is and began brain radiation. Those procedures have been successful, and Barry will return to clinical trials in Southern California this fall.

Still, Barry’s daughter Angie reports that, “Dad feels strong. “He saw his granddaughter Ella-Ruby turn two, and his grandson learn to ride a tricycle. Ella Ruby was barely 7 months when he was diagnosed. Now she talks about him constantly and recognizes his truck on sight.” Angie added that, “None of this would be possible without the care and support you offer and have given. Thank you so much.”

“I feel like I’m beating the system,” Gordon said, pointing out that in November he was given just eight months to live. Barry’s strength and persistence are inspiring to everyone at the Lazarex offices. Stories like this are why we do what we do. As Angie said, “When you are looking down the horizon it’s nice to be counting in years again.”