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Be The Difference Foundation

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We are grateful to acknowledge the Be The Difference Foundation, a cancer fighting nonprofit that has funded grants to Lazarex Cancer Foundation since 2014. These grants offer hope and time for women with advanced stage ovarian cancer.

These generous funds allow us to assist ovarian cancer patients with identifying clinical trial options and to help cover the out of pocket expenses incurred when traveling to and from a trial. Here are some touching stories from women we’ve been able to help thanks to the Be The Difference Foundation:

Patty G.: Financial Support to Attend Clinical Trials Has Had a Positive Impact on her Health

“Traveling back and forth to Boston to participate in the clinical trials was becoming a financial struggle. With the help of Lazarex Cancer Foundation, I was able to participate in clinical trials which had a positive outcome on my health status.”  

 Carol M.: Lazarex Enabled Her Clinical Trial Participation

“Lazarex has been an absolute positive in my life. After exhausting my chemo options to treat recurrent ovarian cancer, a clinical trial was the best possibility for treatment. My oncologist recommended START in San Antonio. I travel 386 miles round trip for my clinical trial treatments. That alone is a bit daunting but adding the extra expenses would become costly and mean I couldn’t continue going. The START patient advocate suggested I contact Lazarex for financial help. Lazarex has been an angel in my life and made trying to extend my life financially doable. Thank you Lazarex for being available to me as a clinical trial participant!”

Barbara J.: Fighting Hard Against Cancer with Our Help
Barbara with her granddaughter, Jocelyn

“Ovarian cancer knows how to reproduce cells quietly then make a big entrance into your life. What cancer does not know is the strength of your spirit, your positive mind – full thinking, the range and depth of your support system, the incredible knowledge and research from your team of researchers, doctors and nurses, and the support from organizations like Lazarex Cancer Foundation. Those are powerful pieces pushing against this disease.”

Barbara with her mom, also a cancer survivor
Barbara with her mom, also a cancer survivor

“Thank you, Lazarex, for being an important part in the power against this cancer.”

Saundra W.: Her Cancer Is Now Considered a “Chronic Illness”

“Participating in a trial drug for ovarian cancer has given me a life that I never thought would be possible. I am now on my second trial drug and am doing well except for a few bothersome side effects. My cancer is now being called a chronic illness. I live in New Hampshire and I need to rely on someone to travel with me to Boston. Lazarex has given me the freedom to pay to have that luxury. Knowing that Lazarex Cancer Foundation can help me in this way has been a great comfort. Thank you so much.”

Together, We are Making an Impact with Be the Difference Foundation

With 22,000 women diagnosed and 15,000 dying annually of ovarian cancer, our partnership is very much needed. While those numbers are daunting, we refuse to feel overwhelmed in this battle. The unrelenting progress that we achieve on a daily basis means the world to our patients and their loved ones. We sincerely appreciate the supporters of both Lazarex Cancer Foundation and Be The Difference Foundation for the change they are helping to make in the world. Together, we will continue to strive to give hope and vitality to all of those affected.