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On June 6, 2023, Disrupting the System VI was held on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., marking 6 years of hosting provocative conversations to drive equity, improve access and promote change to cancer care. This year’s focus was identifying practical ways to level the playing field when it comes to cancer health disparities, patient access and outcomes – with a focus on genomic testing and health insurance.

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DTS VI Panel 1

Panel 1 Info & Panelists

Genomic sequencing is a critical component of cutting edge cancer care because instead of matching patients to treatment based on their TYPE of cancer, it finds the best option for their personal DNA. The problem is – this game-changing advance in cancer care which drastically improves outcomes isn’t available to everyone. Medicare and Medicaid won’t cover it. A lot of private insurance won’t either. That’s not because of its effectiveness. It comes down to the price. How can we drive change to make genomic testing more equitable?

Laura Evans Manatos, President & CEO of Laura Evans Media, moderates this panel.

  • Dana Dornsife, Chief Mission and Strategy Officer, Lazarex Cancer Foundation
  • Dr. Douglas R. Lowy, Principal Deputy Director, National Cancer Institute
  • Jo Mary, Lazarex, Very Important Patient
  • Neena B. Halder, PhD, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
DTS VI Panel 2

Panel 2 Info & Panelists

Does your insurance help or hurt you when it comes to getting the best possible treatment? The truth is – the TYPE of insurance you have is often the decider and too often it comes down not to what will be most effective – but what’s cheapest. We call this the dirty little secret in healthcare because most insurance companies and medical institutions don’t want to talk about it. But we have been for many years and we’re still pushing to bring this issue out of the shadows.

Laura Evans Manatos, President & CEO of Laura Evans Media, moderates this panel.

  • Amira Clemens, PhD, RN, Lazarex Cancer Wellness HUB, Cancer Care Companion
  • Natalie Davis, CEO, United States of Care
  • Shenard Matthews, Lazarex, Very Important Patient
  • Marya Shegog, PhD, MPH, CHES, Health Equity and Diversity Director, Lazarex Cancer Foundation
DTS VI Disruptor Awardees

The Disruptor Award

This year’s Disruptor Awardees are two individuals who are working tirelessly to improve access to cancer care and cancer health outcomes.

  • Andrew Kaczynski, Senior Editor and founding member of CNN’s KFile
  • Dr. Douglas R. Lowy, Principal Deputy Director, National Cancer Institute
DTS VI Fireside Chat

Special Fireside Chat

Representative Buddy Carter (R-GA), Representative Robin Kelly (D-IL), and Representative Pete Sessions (R-TX)

DTS VI Beacon of Light Award

Lazarex Beacon of Light Award

An award for inspiring change. This is a new award created to honor people who are sharing their stories and shining a beacon of light on WHY Lazarex is working to Disrupt the System. There are myriad difficulties and challenges along a cancer journey. The recipients of this award use their voice to educate and inspire in order to ease that journey for the next patient.

Meagan McKee, a Lazarex VIP (very important patient) is the first recipient for the Beacon of Light Award.


DTS VI Emcee and Moderator, Laura Evans Manatos

For the Disrupting the System summits, Laura Evans Manatos is the emcee and event organizer. Before launching Laura Evans Media, her media consulting business, Laura served as anchor of Fox 5 News at 5, the top rated 5pm newscast in the nation’s capital. In her 26 year journalism career, Laura’s reporting earned her several honors and awards including multiple Emmys and Emmy nominations, Associated Press Awards, Golden Mics and a Radio and Television News Directors Association Award.

About Disrupting the System

DTS V 2022

Disrupting the System is an annual summit hosted by Lazarex Cancer Foundation to provide a platform for provocative and constructive dialogue to lead to positive change in the fight against cancer and cancer health disparities. The event brings together disruptors, innovators and change-makers in oncology and patient advocacy all united in one goal: to identify opportunities to tackle the tough issues and take action to support equitable patient access, improve cancer health disparities, and achieve better cancer health outcomes for ALL.


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