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Mejorar el acceso de los pacientes a los ensayos clínicos sobre el cáncer en todo el país.

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Acerca de nuestros programas

Vea los resúmenes de nuestros programas Lazarex CARE, IMPACT y Cancer Wellness HUBs, que ofrecen orientación sobre ensayos clínicos, asistencia financiera, promoción, divulgación y participación comunitaria.

Willis Watson Book

Willis Watson Is a Wannabe is a book that we hope will inspire young children of color to be the next generation of medical professionals. This is part of our advocacy efforts to advance equity and access in cancer care.

Lazarex 5.44K 2024

Sábado, Abril 20, 2024: Join us for our 7th annual 5.44K run/walk fundraiser that you can do anywhere, in your hometown or at our gathering in Danville, CA. Register as an Individual, Join a Team, or Create a Team.
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Multiple Myeloma and Clinical Trial Treatments

“Cancer doesn’t run in my family, and I didn’t have a clue what Multiple Myeloma was when I was diagnosed with it. I didn’t know where it came from. I was just stunned and wondering – why me?” Tiffany explains.

Qué hacemos

At Lazarex Cancer Foundation we help identify FDA cancer clinical trial options, and reimburse out of pocket travel expenses for travel to cancer clinical trial treatments. We make lifesaving connections that give hope to patients now, and opportunity for new treatments in the future.

The Importance of Diversity in Cancer Clinical Trials

In the fight against cancer, diversity isn’t optional – it’s a critical piece of the puzzle towards finding effective treatments for all. While strides have been made in developing innovative therapy methods and discovering potential cures, the underrepresentation of certain groups in clinical trials represents a glaring gap in our stride toward progress.