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Gail’s Story

Gail Stover

Just want to say Thank You for all you have done for me. My 600 mile trip from Springfield, Mo to the Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City, OK 2x a month would have been a financial drain without your assistance. The Lazarex Cancer Foundation has made it possible for me to continue to go for the Phase 1 clinical trial treatment. 

Most people do not know how many extra costs there are! Costs to travel to/from the trial (hotels, gas, food and tolls), CT scans every 7 weeks ($160 bill each time after Medicare),  blood tests and meds and such, wear & tear on the car after lots of trips – it all adds up. 

I am now starting year 2 with many more to go. You all have helped make it possible to LIVE!

14 months ago I had no hope, now I have nothing but hope. Not only for me, I hope this trial will also help many others who have Merkel Cell Carcinoma and other cancers.

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