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Give Hope Campaign

Be The Key To Hope This Holiday Season

Be the Key to Hope. Donate Today.

Help us reach our goal to raise $100,000 by the end of December! Our mission not only helps fight cancer, but also despair and hopelessness. No one fights cancer alone when you support Lazarex. You become part of the circle of love and support that gives the gifts of hope and time for the cancer patients we serve and their families.

Learn more about how your donation helps the patients we serve.

A cancer clinical trial can be the best, and sometimes only, treatment option for someone with advanced stage cancer. The trial treatments may be free, but out of pocket expenses like airfare, hotels, and even gas can add up quickly and lead to an overwhelming burden on patients and their families. Your gift will help cancer patients say YES to treatment that can extend or save their lives. 

“Lazarex provides a key to hope…a key to life. I cherish every moment with my grandkids and my daughters, and I get that opportunity because of Lazarex Cancer Foundation.”Jackie Hinckley, Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient