Patient Stories

  • Written by her husband Mike Where do I begin to tell you about the journey that my Angel, Vickie, took
  • This story was written by Todd in September 2007. On Monday, February 12, 2007, I went into work and didn't
  • “I am "Life" cancer is my life situation not my life. My driving Force is survival! Living, Loving, and enjoying
  • Written by Ian's mother, Karen, in March 2006 It started as pain in his right leg, just below knee upon
  • February 2010 - To meet Brittany Hess is to see a vibrant, 28-year old woman with boundless enthusiasm and a passionate
  • My name is Kevin Herring. I was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia five days after my 23rd birthday and was
  • January 9, 2013 UpdateSadly we learned that Marty passed away on Friday, January 4th. We, here at Lazarex, send our
  • Update: Joe passed away in late November 2014. It is always hard to receive this kind of news. In his
  • April’s Story, written by her husband John Let me tell you about my wife, April. She is a young woman
  • My name is Bryn and in May 2006, at the age of 38, I discovered a small lump on my
  • Denise has been a Lazarex patient since May 2009. She was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in April of 2008
  • January 2015 Ben Doherty lives on a 25 acre farm in rural eastern Oregon with his wife Missy and their
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