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Jessi’s Story

jessi hooks

I was twenty seven years old three years ago when I received a diagnosis of stage four metastatic multiple melanoma, which brought on a flood of emotions and fears. 

I have a husband and three wonderful children who are ages 12, 7, and 5.  My husband and children are my life’s work and I could not imagine not being there for them, a struggle made even more difficult by my father dying of colon cancer just two years earlier. I have a strong faith in God and knew that with His help my family and I would get through these challenges. 

I received the standard treatments for my disease – surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, but new tumors kept appearing, requiring that I seek out additional treatment in the form of clinical trials. After spending much time on my in computer in 2016, my aunt and I were able to locate a clinical trial being conducted at a hospital in Houston. However, the trial required that I come to Houston from my home in San Antonio every other week, a distance over several hundred miles. This required a five hour trip in the car or an expensive flight. Since my husband is currently unemployed, the expense of participating in the clinical trial seemed overwhelming and virtually impossible. That is when the miracle of Lazarex Cancer Foundation came into our lives

With their help, I was able to eliminate the financial strain of participating in the clinical trials in Houston, which was my last shot at beating back the disease long enough for me to regain the hope of continuing to be with my family. Lazarex has paid my hotel bills, provided the costs of transportation, whether by car or by air, and has been a constant support throughout these many struggles. Clearly, they have lifted the weight of financial burden of my disease from my back, allowing me to concentrate having the courage to withstand the physical challenges that I must overcome. 

Since I began the trials in 2016 I have had an amazing recovery. A number of the tumors have disappeared, and energy and hope have returned to my life. I am able to attend my daughter’s volleyball games, and my son’s little league contests. While my doctors do not tell me that there is an end date for my participation in the trials, the fact that I seem to be benefiting from them gives me hope that God has heard my prayers and those of my family. I truly appreciate the continued assistance that the Lazarex Cancer Foundation has provided me. 

I express my heartfelt gratitude to those who contribute financially to their wonderful work.