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Addressing Systemic Racism in Healthcare

The escalating climate of intolerance and racism toward the Black community, highlighted by the very public and unjustified killing of George Floyd and many others has catalyzed people of all colors worldwide to address the undeniable deep roots of racism in our society. Many of us are getting an education like no other, leaving no doubt that racial injustice is not a black or brown problem, it is a problem that belongs to all of us.  

“Until we are all free, we are none of us free.” 

Emma Lazarus 

At Lazarex Cancer Foundation we continue our work to address systemic racism in the healthcare system by highlighting the barriers that perpetuate it and working with stakeholders to dismantle them. We acknowledge that racial equity is not yet a reality. It is ingrained in our mission to fight for equitable access to quality cancer healthcare for all people, with a focus on minorities and the medically underserved. We stand in support of the Black community and will continue to do our part to fight for racial justice. 

While cancer does not discriminate, Black, Asian, Latinx, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans face disproportionately higher rates of mortality from cancers that could be survived when diagnosed and treated early. But racism, poverty, low wages, language, cultural barriers, and lack of access to good nutrition are barriers to wellness, cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. This is fundamentally and morally wrong. 

Lazarex Cancer Foundation will remain steadfast to our mission to help cancer patients participate in FDA therapeutic clinical trials and undergo a thoughtful, thorough self-examination to identify where we can do more to create an environment of equity within our organization, our relationships, and the services we provide. We will hold ourselves accountable and look forward to sharing our findings and plan with you.