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2021 Lazarex 5.44K

2020 Lazarex virtual 5.44K in Danville, CA

What Is The 5.44K?

This is a family friendly event, kids and pets are welcome! The Lazarex 5.44K is an activity (walk, run cycle, swim, etc.) that you can do anywhere, in your hometown, indoors on a treadmill, on your bike, you get the idea! No parking, no crowds or busy travel, just great fun. It’s an easy way to raise funds for an amazing cause and be active in your neighborhood.

Simply register and complete a distance of 5.44K (3.38 miles). Share / tag your photos #Lazarex544K. Your participation will raise funds for the programs and patients of Lazarex Cancer Foundation


WHY 5.44K? We chose 5.44K (3.38 miles) because our patients travel an average of 544 miles RT for their cancer treatments.

2020 Lazarex virtual 5.44K nationwide

Adjusting 5.44K For The Coronavirus

Since life is still uncertain in regards to the coronavirus we decided to make the Lazarex 5.44K a remote event only. This means each registered participant or family will complete 5.44K (3.38 miles) on their own, in a location of their choice.

Reasons to do the 5.44K: Especially now we need to ensure that the cancer patients we serve can continue to afford to get to their treatments. Lazarex eases the financial burden of the out of pocket costs for travel to clinical trials for each patient. We rely on public funding to be able to provide this service.

Get outside and do something to help others. Sunlight, fresh air and exercise are helpful for boosting your spirit and immune system!


2020 5.44k 550x295px 2
2019 Lazarex IMPACT 5.44K Sponsor Merrill Lynch

Sponsorship & Vendors

Due to the Coronavirus and the preventive measures of social distancing in effect, we have decided to hold the 2021 5.44K as a remote event only. Each registered participant or family will complete 5.44K (3.38 miles) on their own, in a location of their choice.

If you have registered as a 5.44K sponsor or vendor and have questions, or would like to sponsor this virtual event please, contact us!


2020 5.44K 550x295 1
The Maples family ran the 2021 5.44K in Talkeetna, AK in honor of (Lazarex VIP) Sean Maples, beloved husband and father.

Help Save Lives

As a publicly funded nonprofit we rely on donations to continue to be able to provide our patient support services. Lazarex Cancer Foundation improves the outcome of cancer care for advanced stage cancer patients of all ages, with all types of cancer, from all walks of life. We assist  patients with their costs to access cancer treatments through FDA trials nationwide and with identifying clinical trial options. 


Warm up before your 5.44K with Laurie Campbell of Level Up With Laurie

Thank You to Our Event Sponsors

5.44k Event Sponsors 1

Thank You to Our Annual Supporters

5.44k Event Sponsors 2

Got Questions? We have answers!

Reach out to us at : or call us at: 925.309.8668