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Meet Carolyn Bollozos

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“Yes, it does!” That’s what people say to Carolyn Bollozos when she’s out and about wearing her Team Cancer Sucks gear. Cancer is a devastating reality that so many people — young and old — have to face. So much so, that many people, even perfect strangers, feel compelled to stop and chat with Carolyn, so they can share stories about how cancer has affected their lives. The more stories Carolyn hears, the more she realizes that cancer doesn’t discriminate. Cancer strikes athletes, kids, parents, health nuts, non-smokers, grandparents, pregnant moms, and everyone in between. 

Has cancer has affected you? Or do you know someone who has been affected? Chances are the answer is yes. Carolyn started supporting Team Cancer Sucks in 2015 after hearing about the passing of AJ Jabonero, a former Team In Training teammate. AJ was an Ironman triathlete, co-founder of Team Cancer Sucks, a husband, and a devoted father. Team Cancer Sucks was AJ’s dream and we honor his memory by our continued efforts to raise awareness and funds for patients and loved ones affected by cancer. 

In April, Carolyn will run the Big Sur International Marathon to support cancer patients through Lazarex Cancer Foundation.  This will be her 4th full marathon. It’s a challenging course, but she believes, “this fundraiser will help motivate me to train and race with all of my heart.” 

All fundraising proceeds go towards helping cancer patients get to their clinical trial site. While clinical trial participation is free, they aren’t always near patient’s homes. Gas, parking, tolls, airfare and hotel expenses associated with travel add up. Too often, not being able to afford these ancillary costs keeps patients from seeking out these potentially life-saving treatments. 

So, in the words of Carolyn, “If you agree that cancer patients should have access to clinical trials, and if you agree that cancer SUCKS then don’t just talk about it, BE ABOUT IT and donate today!”

For more info on donating to Carolyn’s fundraising campaign, click here.