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Mike’s Story

Mike Miller: Giving Memories to His Children

Mike Miller

Mike Miller, 44 years old, from North Carolina, was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer in May 2003, and was told by his doctors that, at best, he had about five months to live. Mike had a wife, Erin, and three young children when he was diagnosed and knew he needed to find an alternative to conventional medicine. It was his family’s wish that Mike live long enough for his youngest child to have real memories of her father. She was four at the time of her father’s diagnosis.

Soon after diagnosis, Mike underwent chemotherapy. He and his sister-in-law, Dana Dornsife, searched the Internet for information about pancreatic cancer and came across an article about a targeted genetic medicine called Rexin-G by Epeius Biotechnologies. Dana realized that Rexin-G was developed at The University of Southern California under the guidance of Drs. Frederick Hall and Erlinda Gordon. Dana’s husband is a Trustee at USC and they made the connection with Drs. Hall and Gordon, and Mike became the first American patient to be treated with Rexin-G.

In April 2004, Mike flew several times to Manila, Philippines, to receive Rexin-G under the supervision of Drs. Gerardo Cornelio and Gary Lorenzo, medical oncologists at Asian Hospital. “He immediately began to feel better,” said Dana. “He gained weight, his energy level began to improve and we witnessed his return to a fulfilling life with his family, friends and work. His doctors reported that the primary tumor in his pancreas was gone, as were several of the tumors in his liver. Following his Rexin-G treatment, Mike went on to coach Little League Baseball for one more season, enjoy summer vacation with his family, celebrate Christmas and the New Year, and most of all, provide special memories for his children about their Dad.”

Although Mike died several months later, he did not die from pancreatic cancer, but from the complications of organ failure. Still, Mike’s family is thankful for the treatment. “Rexin-G was a gift to Mike and our family” said his wife, Erin.