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Soha and Sohail Guller’s Volunteer Story

A conversation with 15-year-old twins about what inspired them to volunteer to raise money for Lazarex Cancer Foundation. 

LCF: Soha and Sohail, how did you learn about Lazarex?

Soha & Sohail volunteer to raise funds for the Lazarex 5.44K

Soha: We learned about Lazarex through our sister, who had previously volunteered with them. So this year when we heard about the 544k in a newsletter, we decided to try to help by doing a bake sale at the run.

 LCF: How did you decide how you were going to help?

Soha:  We started a club at school called Baking the World a Better Place that incorporates volunteering and baking –  two of our passions. We have about 20 members of the club who bake as volunteer hours and then the two of us set up a table and sell the items. Proceeds go to the cause we’re working with. We’ve done that with a hospital where we raised money for The Stroke Foundation and we thought we could do it for Lazarex too. 

LCF: So what did you sell and how did you do?

Sohail: We set up a table at the 544k race and we sold $267 worth of baked goods – about 100 items. We sold out of everything we had – brownies, muffins and a chocolate covered mango dessert. We know it’s not the biggest amount, but it was nice knowing that even a small amount could contribute to someone’s travel. 

LCF: What was it like being at the event? 

Soha:  We showed up around 7 and were there until around noon. It was really heartwarming to see how many people in the community come together to support this organization. 

Sohail: A lot of people thanked us for being there, which was really nice too. 

LCF: Why are you moved to help cancer patients? Do you have a personal inspiration? 

Baking the World a Better Place sign

Sohail: No. No personal connection. But earlier this year, in health class, one of our units was focused on cancer and throughout that unit we learned a lot about the topic, and how millions of people are affected by it. So when we heard about the 544k, we felt compelled to take action and support them so they could support cancer patients. It’s great to see the impact they’re having on people’s journey through cancer and how much easier they’re making it and we wanted to help out with that in a little way. 

LCF: Where does the desire to want to help come from? 

Sohail:  We like to help out. We volunteer in our town and at a hospital. We’ve been doing it for a couple of years now since middle school. Our mom is a physician too so she talks about how important the support you provide to patients is. 

LCF:  We are so touched that you all had this idea and took the time to help our patients. 

Sohail: Of course. And going forward we hope to find additional ways to keep supporting the foundation too. 

To learn more about how you can support Lazarex, visit and click on the Donate button in the top right corner of your screen.