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Trailblazers are individuals or teams who agree to fundraise for late stage cancer patients. $8,400 is the average amount we spend to support a cancer patient participating in an FDA clinical trial for one year.


Cancer has touched everyone in some way: from friends or family members to coworkers. It’s the call, email or text you never want to get. The worst message is a stage IV diagnosis, the hardest stage of cancer to treat. Lazarex Cancer Foundation supports advanced stage cancer patients through their journey and fight to live.

Through the Trailblazer Program you will directly support our patients. You will learn their stories and how you are helping them access breakthrough treatments through clinical trials. Your goal is to raise funds that will help Lazarex assist patients in need. Your fundraising target is $8,400, which is enough to cover one patient’s treatment expenses for a whole year.

Thank you for becoming a Trailblazer and sending patients a direct message of hope and encouragement. You are helping to provide our patients more days, weeks or years with their families and those they love.


brittani lead

Brittani was an active 12 year old living in Sacramento with her sister and her mom when she was diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumor of the Cervical Spine in July of 2009. She was treated with multiple surgeries and 4 months of chemotherapy but the tumor kept  growing back immediately and aggressively. Brittani was losing her ability to walk and was in terrible pain.  Out of options, Brittani’s mom was told to “let nature take its course.”

They found a clinical trial in Los Angeles, CA that was having great results with Brittani’s type of tumor. She was accepted into the trial but the travel expenses to and from Los Angeles added to an already hefty financial burden that jeopardized Brittani’s participation.

A case worker referred Brittani’s mom to Lazarex for financial assistance which made trial participation possible.  Brittani started treatment In the spring of 2010 and soon after was regaining her ability to hold objects and to walk. After 6 months, the tumor could not be seen on the CT scan! Brittani returned  to school in the fall of 2010.

Brittani continued her clinical trial participation into 2015 when she was declared cancer free and her clinical trial drug received FDA approval! She began her first year of college at Sacramento State. Brittani would like to become a doctor.


Lazarex Cancer Foundation uses your donations to help match cancer patients with the right treatment (clinical trial) and to reimburse patients for travel and other trial related expenses. Lazarex also pays for a companion to travel with a patient to and from the trial location.

Lazarex is the only 501(c)(3) public charity offering these services to patients nationwide, of all ages and walk of life, with all types of cancer. We are literally their last line of defense.

100% of funds raised go directly to our patient services, because our generous founders cover the organization’s overhead.



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