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Dana Dornsife founded Lazarex Cancer Foundation, a nationwide non-profit organization, in 2006 in response to a family experience with cancer. The unique mission of Lazarex is to improve cancer health outcomes, FDA cancer clinical trial diversity and enrollment, and patient access to care by providing assistance with clinical trial navigation, reimbursing trial related travel costs, and partnering with at-risk communities to mobilize resources.

In 2016, Dana expanded the mission at Lazarex to bring sustainable and transformational change to the bench to bedside process of clinical trial enrollment, retention, minority participation, and equitable access with IMPACT (IMproving Patient Access to Cancer Clinical Trials). Most recently, Lazarex created collaboration around a public health initiative, the Lazarex Cancer Wellness HUB. This bold initiative is aimed at creating a replicable model to improve cancer health outcomes and address cancer health disparities for the occupants of medically underserved and socioeconomically challenged communities of color and build a platform of equitable access to cancer resources and services for all.

Dana is a graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia. She is a board member of the USC Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California and serves on the UCSF Cancer Leadership Council. She is on the governing board of the Yosemite Conservancy, in addition to being a council member. Dana and her husband, Dave Dornsife, a USC Trustee, support a WASH initiative – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, in 25 African countries through World Vision, an international humanitarian agency.



Karen Ambrogi于2009年2月加入Lazarex癌症基金会。 卡伦负责管理Lazarex的互联网和在线社区。 通过网站、博客、新闻简报和社交媒体发展。她 她在建立关系和服务方面有很强的基础--从与智障人士一起工作到 她在建立关系和服务方面有很强的基础--从与智障人士的合作到长期的职业生涯,包括 技术销售、客户管理、技术写作和领导能力培训。 技能培训。

中年之前的职业变化使她成立了一家公司,提供教育和旅游项目,旨在鼓励更多的人参与到这个项目中来。 该公司提供教育和旅游项目,旨在鼓励通过探索更多的 通过探索心灵/身体/精神的联系,鼓励更有意识的、真实的和创造性的生活。 心灵/身体/精神的联系。在失去两个兄弟后 在失去两个兄弟的胰腺癌后,凯伦很感激有机会把她的注意力和她的心思放在服务社会上。 她很感激有机会把她的注意力和她的心放在为癌症患者和他们的家庭建立一座希望之桥的服务上。 癌症患者和他们的家人搭建一座希望之桥。

Lupe Contreras: Cancer Care Companion

Lupe Contreras, Cancer Care Companion

Lupe joined Lazarex Cancer Foundation in 10月 of 2023. Working in Healthcare for more than 28 years, including working at Contra Costa County Health Services and Sutter Health. Lupe has always been deeply enthusiastic and devoted to the healthcare, wellbeing of and caring for her community. Being a certified interpreter has allowed Lupe to help the Spanish speaking community which has always been especially important. 

Cancer first touched Lupe’s life when her father and one of her brothers were both diagnosed with Prostate Cancer many years ago. In 八月 of 2020, Lupe was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and a second brother was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer a few of months later. After completing the treatment needed, Lupe was determined to help others going through a cancer diagnosis as well as their caregivers. Lupe’s Breast Cancer gave her the strength, determination, will, and powerful desire to help others go through similar tough situations.

Lupe enjoys spending time with her husband, their children, grandchildren, family, and friends. Cooking for them, spoiling the grandchildren, taking trips to Disneyland, camping, boating and planning our next vacation. Lupe loves all things Disney and Nature. Life is precious to Lupe, and she intends to live it to the fullest and hopes to share that mindset with everyone she meets.

Samantha Hernandez: Patient Intake Coordinator

Samantha Hernandez

Samantha graduated from San Jose State University with a major in Sociology and minor in Chicana and Chicano Studies. She knew she wanted to pursue a career where she would be able to assist various members of the community. Sam knew at a young age that she wanted a career centered around healthcare, specifically cancer related, and when she came across Lazarex Cancer Foundation she thought it would be a perfect opportunity to begin her career journey in a healthcare related setting.  

At the age of 5 cancer entered Sam and her family’s life. She was diagnosed with Leukemia, and they entered a world that forever shaped their lives. It shaped Sam’s personal life and influenced her career goals. In her senior year of high school, cancer entered her life again when her cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia as well. Working with cancer patients and their families allows Sam to connect, understand, empathize with, and assist them in their time of need. This is her way of fighting back.

Amy Ikejiaku: Clinical Trial Navigator

Amy Ikejiaku, Clinical Trial Navigator

Amy Ikejiaku, a graduate of Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience in 2020, joined Lazarex as a Clinical Trial Navigator in 八月 2023. Her journey in healthcare began with a keen awareness of the limited healthcare opportunities in her native Nigeria. This awareness, coupled with her experience in clinical studies, highlighted the challenge of healthcare resources like clinical trials being inaccessible or unknown to many in need.

In her role as a Clinical Trial Navigator, Amy is driven by her passion to bridge this gap. Leveraging her expertise and dedication, she is committed to assisting individuals in finding suitable clinical trials, ensuring that these valuable resources are accessible to those seeking potential treatment options and contributing to advancements in medical research.

Kathleen Ingram: Patient Services Lead

Kathleen Ingram, Patient Services Coordinator

Kathleen Ingram joined Lazarex Cancer Foundation as the Patient Services Coordinator and in 2月 2024 became the Patient Services Lead. As a former teacher and community service volunteer, Kathleen brings her organizational skills to Lazarex, assisting patients with financial assistance for clinical trial related out of pocket expenses. Cancer first entered Kathleen’s life two years ago when her best friend of thirty years lost her long fight with breast cancer. Guiding cancer patients through a time of need is her way of fighting back.


Ariana Johnson: Program Coordinator

Ariana Johnson

Ariana Johnson (she/her) was thrilled to join Lazarex Cancer Foundation in 四月 2023 after years of being a supporter of the organization and its mission. Prior to Lazarex, she worked in non-profit theatre and education, most recently as Associate Producer at American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) in San Francisco. A Bay Area local and graduate of Pearson College UWC and Stanford University, Ariana is passionate about making access equitable for all, whether in the arts or cancer care, so that everyone has the opportunity to share their unique story.

Cheryl Johnson: Office Manager

Cheryl Johnson



谢丽尔有两个长大的儿子,她为他们感到非常自豪;Go Dawgs and Fight On!

Irene Juarez: Cancer Care Companion

Irene Juarez

Irene Juarez于2022年7月加入Lazarex癌症健康中心,担任癌症护理陪同人员。她在康特拉科斯塔县生活、工作和志愿服务了47年。作为一个当地的企业主、母亲和活跃的社区成员,她热衷于帮助社区认识到在他们的生活和可能的癌症旅程中可以利用的所有资源,支持他们。她很高兴在与Lazarex癌症健康中心的合作中扩大她在社区的作用。


Lisa Locus: Events and Development Coordinator

Lisa Locus






Keiko Masamori: Patient Intake Coordinator

Keiko Masamori

Keiko Masamori graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. She first started at Lazarex as an intern in 5月 of 2022 while still in college. Studying Public Health, she realized that not everyone has access to quality healthcare in the United States. She is hoping to use her education to further the conversation surrounding proving adequate healthcare and resources to those in at-risk communities.

Dorresa Mathis: Administrative Assistant

Dorresa Mathis

Dorresa joined Lazarex Cancer Foundation in 四月 2023, as an Administrative Assistant. She handles the Administration matters of the business such as administrative tasks.

She approaches all aspects of any job with a positive, hard-working mindset and is passionate about helping a large diversity of people. Dorresa brings with her an extensive background in customer service and organizational skills from corporate environment. She is excited to bring these experiences and enthusiasm to the team of Lazarex Cancer Foundation and to our clients. 

Kaitlin Milke: Database Administrator

Kaitlin Milke headshot

Kaitlin joined our Lazarex team in early 12月 2022 as our Database Administrator for Salesforce. She is a Graduate of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids Michigan with a double major of Sociology and Theology. She began her career in Youth Ministry- assisting in helping those in need of all ages and backgrounds. From there she transitioned into healthcare as a manager for an in-home health care company. With those diverse backgrounds under her belt- her focus turned to database importance and reporting. In order to grow and help others, one needs to have strong compassion- but also the ability for tracking and gathering information. Her strong attention to detail and troubleshooting skills led her to the software industry where she became Salesforce Certified just in time to join our team.


艾琳-米勒 发展经理


Erin Miller is a graduate of Florida State University School of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduating, she worked as a Marketing Representative for IBM selling mid-range computer hardware and software. In 1993, she married Michael Miller. The following year they had the first of three children. In 5月 2003, Mike was diagnosed with stage IV, non-resectable pancreatic cancer. It was the difficult and painful journey to save Mike’s life that led them to a search for a clinical trial while undergoing traditional cancer therapy. Mike’s participation in the clinical trial resulted in 19 months of life instead of the prognosis of five months. Lazarex Cancer Foundation was founded in Mike’s memory in 2006.

In 2016, Erin and her family relocated to California. Her involvement with Lazarex Cancer Foundation as a board member, advisor and volunteer has been a blessing to her and her family, helping people whose lives have been ravaged by cancer. In 2017, Erin officially joined the Lazarex team. Erin’s passion to understand the patient journey, and help those in need, has guided her in assisting with the development of many of the programs at Lazarex Cancer Foundation. As the Development Manager she will use her experience and passion to raise the needed funds to help patients gain equitable access to the cancer resources and care that they need to have improved cancer health outcomes, across the continuum of care including access to clinical trials.

Caitlyn Miller: Patient Services Manager

Caitlyn Miller


Caitlyn joined Lazarex Cancer Foundation in 2022 as a Cancer Care Companion. Since then transitioned within Lazarex to Project Manager and in 2月 2024 accepted her new role as Patient Services Manager . Caitlyn’s mission is to ensure everyone has access to comprehensive cancer care regardless of their background in alignment with Lazarex mission to improve the outcome of cancer care.






Marya L. Shegog, PhD, MPH, CHES:健康公平和多样性主任

Marya Shegog

Marya Shegog博士致力于解决健康差异问题,以实现每个人的健康公平。她是一名社区活动家,相信通过所有部门的集体行动、伙伴关系和教育,健康差距将被消除。





罗娜第一次被介绍给拉扎雷克斯癌症基金会,是在她参加该基金会2012年在阿拉米达的大黄蜂号上举行的晚会时。 她和她的丈夫是一位朋友的客人,这位朋友是Lazarex的长期支持者。2014年,她参加了 "给癌症一个教训 "的筹款活动,当时就知道她想成为这个组织的一员。 她热爱这个使命,并主动提出做志愿者,在办公室里帮助需要帮助的地方。

一年后,罗娜被雇来做簿记和病人协助工作。 协助。这是一个具有挑战性和成就感的角色,罗娜称它是 "有史以来最好的工作!"