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Azucena’s Story

A Daughter’s Testimony of Hope and Gratitude, by Mylene Juan

Azucena's Story

Sunday, July 13, 2008: For two years, my mom’s lump on her breast had grown, becoming a rotting sore as big as a fist. It’s now been a month since it was biopsied and the doctors have done nothing, besides treating it with a simple solution of hydrogen peroxide and bleach.

The biopsy showed that my mom, Azucena, has infiltrating ductal carcinoma and her oncologist recommended chemotherapy and surgery. Yet, besides the cancer, our concern was finances. There is no insurance, and for me to pay for even one session of chemotherapy, it would take an entire month’s salary; I would have to give up nursing school.

I searched the internet for organizations that would sponsor my mom’s treatment. A friend had recommended a drug called Rexin-G, so I typed it into a search engine and landed at the Epeius Biotech website. I shot an email to them at 7:22 p.m. My heart was pounding when I saw a reply in about 2 minutes. Who else would be working in an office on a Sunday night — aside from me — and it wasn’t an auto-reply! Dr. Erlinda Gordon, Epius’ Chairman of the Board, Medical Director and Operations Manager, wrote to say she was sorry to hear of my mom’s illness and directed me to additional resources, including Mrs. De Guzman.

Tuesday July 15, 2008: I called Mrs. De Guzman and told her about my mom’s condition and my inability to have my mom treated. She told me that she would ask Dr. Gordon if my mom would qualify for a grant to receive treatment in the U.S. I was very hopeful and excited that it could be an answer to my prayers.

Thursday, July 17, 2008: I received a call from Mrs. De Guzman and she told me my prayers had been answered — Dr. Gordon had contacted the Lazarex Cancer Foundation and they would pay for her treatment. I could hardly speak and was weeping for joy and gladness. All I could utter was “Thank you, thank you Lord.”

Tuesday, July 22, 2008: We went from having no hope to having hope that shines so brightly. Epeius Biotech and Lazarex Cancer Foundation came into our lives and quickly opened the door to my mom’s recovery. The long wait was over. She is now being carefully monitored at Chinese General Hospital where she is receiving doses of Rexin-G three times a week and state-of-the-art cancer treatment. I thank God for working in the hearts of men to graciously provide for my mom.