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Looking For Help

We Can Help. If you are a cancer patient who needs help identifying clinical trial options or financial assistance to attend a clinical trial, we’d like to hear from you.


We have reached our limit for enrollments in our Lazarex CARE travel reimbursement program for 2023 and ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW APPLICATIONS for the Lazarex CARE program for the remainder of this year. We will resume accepting new applications on January 2, 2024.

  • Patients who are currently enrolled in the Lazarex CARE program will continue to have expenses reimbursed. 
  • Given existing grant funds, Multiple Myeloma and Stand Up to Cancer applications will continue to be accepted.
  • We will resume accepting new applications on January 2, 2024.

The Lazarex Clinical Trial Navigation Program remains in operation and is accepting new questionnaires.

We Can Help

Our Patient Navigator can help you find the right clinical trial. We can also help you with the costs associated with participating in a clinical trial, including:

  • Transportation (airfare, gas, rental cars, taxi fare, parking/tolls)
  • Lodging (short- and long-term housing)

Contact Us for more information or, to speak with a Lazarex representative, call 925.820.4517.

Visit our Program FAQ’s for information about Lazarex, Assistance, Clinical Trials, or IMPACT

View or Download Forms for Clinical Trial Navigation, Financial Assistance, or Clinical Trial Verification

Learn about Genomic Testing and Cancer: Genetic testing – also called Next Generation Sequencing or NGS – profiles the specific type of cancer cells and genetic mutations of your cancer. That information is shared with your doctor so they can match you with trials or treatment available for your type of cancer that could be most effective.

Watch the Clinical Trial Chronicle Videos: Hear directly from other Lazarex patients who have participated in clinical trials and learn about the tools we provide that assist with clinical trial navigation and travel cost reimbursements, to improve cancer health outcomes.

View or Download our Patient Brochure:

Lazarex Patient Brochure
Lazarex Patient Brochure