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A cancer clinical trial can be the best, and sometimes only, treatment option for someone with advanced-stage cancer. The trial treatments may be free, but out of pocket expenses like airfare, hotels, and even gas can add up quickly. That can lead to an overwhelming burden on patients and their families. It’s so bad, some people are forced to choose between their cancer treatments and their basic needs. Your support will allow us to help them get treated.

You Can Help Make Hope Real

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Give Hope a Ride

Costs for shuttles, buses, trains, taxis and rideshares to get to clinical trial sites add up quicker than you may think. You can help ensure that cancer patients don’t miss clinical trial appointments because they can’t afford to get there. Suggested monthly donation is $5.

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Home Away from Home

The average distance a cancer patient travels to their clinical trial site is 544 miles. You can help make sure they have a comfortable bed to rest if they have to stay overnight. Suggested Monthly donation is $25.

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Fueling Hope

A tank of gas, parking and tolls shouldn’t get in the way of cancer treatment. You can help a cancer patient focus on getting well and leave some of the financial burden of treatment behind. Suggested monthly donation is $10.

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Wings of Love

Sometimes, the only way to get to a clinical trial site is to fly there. Lazarex Cancer Foundation not only covers the cost of the patient, but we’re the only organization in the United States that will also reimburse for a companion to travel with the patient. Suggested monthly donation is $50.

Monthly Giving Equals Living

Monthly giving provides a source of revenue that we can count on and allows for the planned growth of the number of patients we will financially assist. Your monthly gift will help cancer patients say YES to treatment that can extend or save their lives. 

#GIVEHOPE. Select the recurring gift option to set up monthly, quarterly or biannual giving. You can opt out at any time.

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