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Improving patient access to cancer clinical trials nationwide.

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About Our Programs

View summaries for our Lazarex CARE, IMPACT, and Cancer Wellness HUBs programs that provide clinical trial navigation, financial assistance, advocacy, outreach and community engagement.

Rooftop Sunsets Gala

Join us on September 28 for an afternoon of celebration & generosity benefiting Lazarex patients. Enjoy a rooftop experience with views of Lake Merritt at sunset, tropical beverages and delicious cuisine!

Disrupting the System VII

On June 12, 2024, we released Disrupting the System VII on YouTube. Tune in anytime to hear from disruptors, innovators and changemakers who drive positive change in the fight against cancer and cancer health disparities.
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Cancer Support at the Lazarex Cancer Wellness HUB

George Aquino was a few weeks into a devastating cancer diagnosis in April 2023 when he and a friend came across Irene Juarez at the Monument Crisis Center, a Concord, Calif. nonprofit resource center for lower-income families. George, 75, says he needed support but was skeptical anyone could help. His diagnosis – prostate cancer that had spread to his bones – “felt like the end of the world.”

What We Do

At Lazarex Cancer Foundation we help identify FDA cancer clinical trial options, and reimburse out of pocket travel expenses for travel to cancer clinical trial treatments. We make lifesaving connections that give hope to patients now, and opportunity for new treatments in the future.

Understanding Financial Toxicity: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Financial toxicity is more than just a monetary issue; it’s a heavy burden that weighs deeply on the lives of cancer patients. It arises from high treatment costs not always covered by insurance, personal income loss due to illness, and other related expenses. This economic strain often forces people to make heart-wrenching decisions between their health and financial stability.