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Improving patient access to cancer clinical trials nationwide.

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About Our Programs

View summaries for our Lazarex CARE, IMPACT, and Cancer Wellness HUBs programs that provide clinical trial navigation, financial assistance, advocacy, outreach and community engagement.

Disrupting the System VII

On June 12, 2024, we’ll release Disrupting the System VII on YouTube. Tune in anytime to hear from disruptors, innovators and changemakers who drive positive change in the fight against cancer and cancer health disparities.

Willis Watson Story Time

Carmen Bogan, author, narrates Willis Watson Is a Wannabe, a book to inspire young children of color to be the next generation of medical professionals. This is part of our advocacy efforts to advance equity & access in cancer care.
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Cancer, Covid, a Bone Marrow Transplant & Clinical Trials

Diagnosed with AML, Laura Beth West faced a series of daunting challenges along her journey to be cancer free. After intense treatment with chemo, she went into remission, but discovered that some cancer remnants remained and kept growing, so she went to MD Anderson for additional help. That’s when they offered her the option to participate in a clinical trial.

What We Do

At Lazarex Cancer Foundation we help identify FDA cancer clinical trial options, and reimburse out of pocket travel expenses for travel to cancer clinical trial treatments. We make lifesaving connections that give hope to patients now, and opportunity for new treatments in the future.

The State of Diversity in Cancer Clinical Trials 2024

The state of diversity in cancer clinical trials today reflects persistent inequities, with minority racial and ethnic groups being underrepresented. Efforts to improve diversity have faced challenges, including low participation rates among African American and Hispanic American individuals. It is crucial for industry sponsors to prioritize diversity and for Congress to extend mandates to all cancer clinical trials to address this issue effectively.