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At Lazarex Cancer Foundation we improve patient access to cancer clinical trials.

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Lazarex Care

The Lazarex Care program focuses on improving the outcome of cancer care for advanced stage cancer patients, and the medically underserved, by identifying FDA clinical trial options, providing assistance with out of pocket costs for clinical trial participation and a travel companion, and facilitating community outreach and engagement.


The goal of the Lazarex IMPACT program is to generate a sustainable proof of concept action plan to transform the status quo of clinical trial recruitment, enrollment, retention, minority participation, completion, and translational science – providing equitable and timely access to cancer discovery for all patients.

Cancer Wellness HUB

Lazarex Cancer Wellness HUBs provide “safe spaces” for at risk community members to talk about health concerns in relation to cancer and explore options from prevention through treatment and clinical trials. The HUB is imbedded within the community to manage the cancer journey and provide the greatest opportunity for a successful result.
< News Brief >

Clinical Trial Chronicles

Our Clinical Trial Chronicles spotlight patient journeys within clinical trial settings. Hear directly from other Lazarex VIPs who have participated in clinical trials and learn about the tools we provide that assist with clinical trial navigation and travel cost reimbursements, to improve cancer health outcomes. So, what exactly is a clinical trial? Gain a deeper understanding about clinical trials and the process through shared patient experiences and educational programs.

Disrupting the System V

On 06.15.22 Lazarex and Medidata hosted some of the biggest disruptors and innovators in oncology, patient advocacy and public policy who are working to make cancer research accessible to all. Through our panel discussions we identify the challenges cancer patients face as they seek to participate in clinical trials in the current climate. Through these discussions we hope to work toward solutions that contribute to improving health outcomes.

Community IMPACT & IMPACT in Philadelphia

Earlier this month, Dornsife met with key players to discuss the latest IMPACT program. Nineteen people crowded into a meeting room at the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships, a community resource center on Spring Garden Street. They included Penn oncologists, professors from Drexel’s Dornsife School of Public Health, and executives from Merck, a funder of the $3.5 million initiative.