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Category: Patient Stories

Lorrie’s Story


Just three months after getting a clean bill of health, Lorrie’s cough returned. A CAT scan showed the cancer was back in her lungs. When…

Amy’s Story


“All I have left now are clinical trials – and it gets really scary,” Amy told us when we spoke with her about her battle…

Jennifer’s Story


Jennifer would never have called herself “lucky” to have had a hysterectomy, but it was that procedure that ultimately tipped her doctors off to a…

Pedro’s Story

Pedro and Kathi

Pedro and Kathi met on the job. Pedro, an avid racquetball player, also loves to watch the San Francisco Giants and he loves to cook.…

Ricardo’s Story

RicardoBarragan e1637193129562

Ricardo loves serving in the ministry, especially as leader of his parish in New Cuyama, California. An optimistic people person, Ricardo’s faith is strong, and…

Tommie’s Story


In 2019 Tommie was living his best life. He loved hitting the gym frequently, he had a girlfriend and was working hard as a refrigeration,…