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Crystalyn’s Story


Crystalyn: Poet and Survivor

Crystalyn has not had an easy life. In 2012, she began developing abnormal symptoms. These symptoms were unfortunately the initial signs of leukemia. So at the age when most girls are stressing over typical freshman year problems like attending a new school and managing new and old friends, Crystalyn was worrying about whether she would make it to high school graduation. Fortunately, she is the true definition of a fighter. Crystalyn fought back and defeated her cancer.

Fighting Cancer a Second Time

However, the cancer came back. This is when her relationship with Lazarex began. Transportation to clinical trials gets expensive quickly. Luckily, Lazarex was there to provide much needed help. Lazarex supported Crystalyn’s frequent trips from California to Pennsylvania for treatment in clinical trials. She is now a part of our family and we are grateful for the impact she has made on us.

Update May 2018

Crystalyn got her heavenly wings on May 10, 2018 after another recurrence of cancer. She would have been 20 years old in June. We, the Lazarex staff, are honored to have been able to help Crystalyn in her time of need. She was a bright light and we send her home with all our love.   

 Making Art from Her Broken Heart

Crystalyn openly admits that this journey has not been easy. One thing that has helped her in the process has been expressing her feelings. Her heartfelt poem, Sanity, is raw, direct, and genuine. It makes readers take a step back and appreciate the things we may sometimes take for granted. Please take the time to read Sanity below and see into Crystal’s journey.

Thank you for supporting Lazarex so we can continue to help Very Important Patients (VIPs) like Crystalyn.