Improving Patient Access to Cancer Clinical Trials

IMPACT is a 3-year pilot study with a comprehensive approach to improving patient enrollment, retention, minority participation and equitable access in oncology trials.

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Clinical trials are the vehicle the FDA uses to bring new drugs to market safely. Patient participation is crucial to the successful completion of a trial, yet the barriers to trial participation – primarily ancillary costs – lie squarely on the shoulders of patients. Over the past 10 years, Lazarex has developed successful programs to address and remove these barriers. Currently, Lazarex stands alone in offering a complete solution to this problem and while this is a noble undertaking it is not a sustainable one.

In 2013 Lazarex and the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Care Equity Program joined forces to establish a pilot program focused on removing financial barriers to clinical trial participation for cancer patients and improving access to cancer clinical trials for underserved populations. Based on the success, we have greatly expanded the pilot into a nationwide effort - IMPACT - Improving Patient Access to Cancer Clinical Trials. IMPACT brings together the significant resources of industry stakeholders: academia, medicine, policy makers, industry, public health and community organizations nationwide.

The IMPACT program facilitates a coordinated effort amongst these stakeholders to create a replicable, “boots on the ground” action plan, bringing significant and sustainable change to the status quo of clinical trial recruitment, retention, minority participation, completion, and translational science - providing equitable and timely patient access to cancer discovery.

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  This video shows the barriers that iMPACT will address:

National Cancer Moonshot Summit and Lazarex

In June 2016, Vice President Joe Biden brought together scientists, oncologists, donors and patients for a national conference on cancer research at Howard University in Washington D.C.  Dozens of regional summits were held on the same day in communities across the nation.

Lazarex's President and Founder, Dana Dornsife, addressed Vice President Joe Biden, and other summit members, via live feed from a satellite location at the University of Southern California.

Mike Snyder and JR, two cancer fighters who receive assistance from Lazarex Cancer Foundation, attended the live summit in D.C. They participated in discussions about making cancer treatment more accessible and effective from the patient, caregiver and family's viewpoint. You can read their stories here: