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Jillie’ Story

In 2017, I was linked with a clinical treatment trial for my rare salivary gland cancer. I am located in Buffalo, NY and the closest trial to me was in Manhattan, NY–over an 8-hour drive away from me! The treatment protocol requires me to travel every other week for infusions. Moving closer or to Manhattan was not an option for me or for my family, so the financial burden we experienced became immense almost immediately.

While researching options for patient assistance, I came across Lazarex Cancer Foundation. My application was reviewed in a very timely manner and the initial staff who contacted me was very kind and compassionate, truly listening to my story. Since then, all staff I have interacted with have been so encouraging, respectful, and kind — a completely different experience than many providers I have met throughout my now 9-year journey with cancer. Lazarex assistance has made it possible for me to access this literally life-saving treatment. Without their help and support, I would not have been able to link with (or continue treatment in) this study. Lazarex is a wonderful organization with a mission that is too important to be overlooked. My family and I appreciate them more than we can put into words. Thank you!