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Joshua’s Story


“My purpose for this letter is to thank you, Lazarex, from the bottom of our hearts. You and your wonderful staff have been a God send!! I am always telling family, friends, neighbors about Lazarex Cancer Foundation and they are all amazed and relieved (as am I). I have new found respect for Lazarex, and for your donors.” Carmela, Joshua’s Mom

Nine year old Joshua (with glasses in photo above) has been battling a non-operable brain tumor for the past 6 years of his life. It just seems that when he is ON chemotherapy the tumor doesn’t grow, but when he is OFF chemotherapy for an extended period of time (longer than two weeks) the pesky tumor grows. The poor kid has experienced more than half his life on chemotherapy, this is his “normal”-being hairless, and feeling nauseous all the time.

Joshua had been receiving treatments locally at the world renowned Cleveland Rainbow Babies and Children Children’s Hospital but the specialists had come to the “end of their rope” regarding chemotherapy options and suggested a clinical trial in Washington D.C. at Children’s National Medical Center. Travel to D.C. (from Cleveland) would be every 28 days for 11 months. This trial is very specific to his type of tumor.

Fortunately, Joshua’s family received a cancer resource book. From it they contacted Lazarex Cancer Foundation. Lazarex is helping to cover some of the travel related expenses while they are in Washington D.C.

Joshua is in the end of this trial and doing great! He has a full head of hair and enjoyed one of his first summers (that he can remember) NOT on the couch. He had a big MRI recently and the news was positive. This chemotherapy seems to be suppressing the tumor with very little side effects. It is in tablet form which he takes daily. Everyone is hoping that this trial will be published (after Josh successfully finishes it in December 2012) and more kids who are affected by cancer can enjoy summer with energy and not on the couch like Josh.

August 2018 update:  

Some great news here….Josh has been off of the trial for 2 years now, and still no tumor growth! He is preparing for his Sophomore year in High School, which will begin next week. Fingers crossed that he’ll do just as well as last year and get all As!! I’m so proud of who he has become and it’s astonishing based on what he has been through. 

Thanks again for all of the help!