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Lazarex Care

Sometimes, in a patient’s battle with cancer, they are exposed to a gap in cancer care when they progress to advanced stage and all available treatment options fail them. Most often, despite their desire to continue fighting their disease, hospice is the recommended course of action. For these patients, medical breakthroughs offered through clinical trial participation are an alternative to hospice; however, there are many barriers to participation that seem insurmountable for patients who are emotionally, physically and financially spent. 

In 2006 Lazarex Cancer Foundation was created to bridge this gap and remove the barriers. Lazarex is a publicly funded 501(c)(3) charity and has served over 12,000 patients with access to cancer clinical trials. 

Focus of Lazarex Care

  • Improving the outcome of cancer care for cancer patients and the medically underserved
  • Identifying FDA approved clinical trial options
  • Providing assistance with ancillary costs for clinical trial participation and a travel companion
  • Facilitating community outreach and engagement

Clinical trials are the capstone of the drug development process and patient participation is crucial to the successful completion of a trialHowever, patient recruitment to clinical trials has historically plagued the research industry.

  • 11% of trials never enroll a single patient
  • 37% are grossly under enrolled; delaying the approval of drugs
  • Increasing development costs and lack of insurance coverage for trial related expenses are most egregiously preventing patients from taking advantage of medical breakthroughs in technology

Only 6% of eligible patients participate in trials and only 5% are racial or ethnic minorities. This negatively affects statistically valid assessment of the safety, efficacy and value of new therapeutic agents for multiple segments of our population.