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Matt’s Story

Matt B

This all began January 2014 with a bloody nose and a visit to my ENT. He cauterized the bleed and found a polyp in the sinus passage. In February the ENT removed the polyp and the results of the biopsy showed Adenoidal cystic carcinoma. In March the Oncology group at University of Rochester evaluated all of the scans, determined the cancer was too extensive, and deemed it stage IV inoperable. Without treatment I had about 6 months.

It was suggested I get a second opinion. My doctor suggested Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston. I live in NY about 8 hours away so we set up a hotel stay for a couple of days. In March we saw Dr. Annie Chan, Dr. Lori Wirth, and Liz Weyman. They determined that they could treat my cancer. Liz guided me to resources for places to stay, like the American Cancer Society and the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. We made the trip to Boston a couple more times for tests and fittings for the Proton treatments. The treatment would last for 7 weeks, but the American Cancer society didn’t have anything available until the 6th week of my treatment. This is when the Lazarex Cancer Foundation offered assistance with the travel and my accommodations. Without the Lazarex Cancer Foundation I probably would not have made the same decisions as to where and what type of treatment I received.

In July and August 2014 I received the best possible treatment by world class doctors. I was able to stay in Boston and concentrate on my treatment. I have to return to MGH every 3 months for check-ups. One year after my treatments I am extremely happy with the results! They look better than the check-up 3 months ago; the cancer has receded a little bit.

I know that if I had not received treatment at MGH, I would not have had the greatest doctors in the world. This was all because of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation and the clinical trial treatment I received.