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Yesterday we learned that Jackie H, one of the patients we’ve been assisting, passed away. I will say she gave it her all and got many years to be with her family and grandkids. Heaven gains a feisty and beautiful soul. We were lucky to have her here while we did.

So many souls have passed and in the wake of the isolation of this corona virus pandemic I am feeling a mix of love, grief and sorrow more than ever. Life on this earth is precious and temporary. Our bodies are borrowed from earth and stardust to make a home for our souls, and to earth and stardust and the source of all that is they will return. That is guaranteed. What I keep learning is it’s not that we die, but how we live knowing that we die. And how we live and how we face our death is the legacy we leave behind.

So, yay to who all who we love who have gone before us! You were comets, meteors, auroras across the open sky of our lives. Mission complete! We’ll take it from here and feel your love from the realms of the ancestors until it is our time to join you. Welcome home.

Make it count people. Have a beautiful day.

Karen Ambrogi, Communications Manager, Lazarex Cancer Foundation May 8, 2020

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