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Revolutionary Action for Evolutionary Change

Recently I read that the astrological theme for 2020 is CHANGE. I feel like Lazarex Cancer Foundation is right on track because our theme for 2020 is “Revolutionary Action for Evolutionary Change.”

In 2019, Pennsylvania, Texas and Illinois passed legislation, joining California in allowing trial sponsors to reimburse patients for clinical trial travel expenses. This year, similar legislation will be introduced in another 2-5 states. Our goal is to disrupt the status quo that leaves cancer patients stranded once standard treatments fail to be effective.

We continue to build relationships with Biopharma companies to change the way they think about patients and clinical trials. I can confidently say that our efforts are creating transformational change! In the final weeks of 2019, Lazarex received close to $6 million in grant funds to support our IMPACT program. We will launch two more IMPACT sites in 2020, one in Philadelphia, PA, and one in Houston, TX.

The Lazarex Community IMPACT program is another revolution in process. It is a place based, community-led model of engagement at the Drexel Center for Neighborhood Partnerships in West Philadelphia. This initiative is transforming the way we think about cancer prevention and the actions we put in place to reduce cancer burden and disparities. Lazarex is committed to building healthy communities, giving voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. We will celebrate the program and the opening of a new Welcome Center in June.

I want to give love to my amazing team members who go above and beyond to get the work done. At the heart of it all are the patients and families who need our help. Since 2006 we have assisted over 5,500 patients to participate in clinical trials. Most of the funds to do that came from donors like you. Together we are changing lives, now and for the future.

February 13, 2020

By Dana Dornsife, CEO and Founder, Lazarex Cancer Foundation