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Ruth’s Story


Hello Tami,

I really appreciate your interest and so happy to report that “I’m making excellent progress.” My last PET scan indicates that my tumors are shrinking. I’m not experiencing many side effects, a bit of fatigue and a bit dizzy and this is also improving.

I have completed the first week of my second cycle.

I have made my reservation to fly home (North Carolina) on January 5, 2009 and will return for a third cycle on Jan.13, 2009.

I have spoken to the leasing manager here at Oakwood and given him the dates of checkout and return. Everyone has been wonderful.

I’m so deeply grateful to you and Lazarex Cancer Foundation for your generous assistance with my housing needs. I would not have been able to come here for cancer treatment if it were not for your help.

I was told by my doctor on July 25, 2008 that my cancer (pancreas) had recurred and I would have 6 to 7 months to live. The only treatment that he could offer was more chemotherapy. This was proven not to work for me and he suggested that I contact the large hospitals to see if they could help.

My hundreds of hours of research turned out to be more of the same chemotherapy and this was not a solution for me.

As I look back on this experience I can’t express how it feels to learn that your life is over. It feels as if that was a lifetime ago. I spent day and night looking for treatments and found the Rexin-G clinical trial on the website Clinical Trials.Gov. I gave the info to my doctor and he said I must go immediately, not to wait.

This was a blessing as this January will be 6 months and my treatment is working. There was a patient in the clinic last week that has lived 10+ years following his treatment. This has given me hope that my treatment will extend my life.

I spend my time in treatment, then resting and giving thanks to the Lord that he is watching over me. I’m so very thankful for you and all of the wonderful people that are helping to heal my body. I look forward to helping others a being a witness to how the Lord works in our lives. He brought me to California for a reason and I’m ready for whatever I can do to help others.

I’m deeply grateful to you for being a vital part of helping to extend my life.

Your kind follow up is most appreciated. I will call to speak with you before I leave.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

My love, Ruth