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Chris’s Story of Faith, Medicine, and a Helping Hand

In 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer and given an 8% chance of survival. After a grueling surgery removing the main disease, the metastasis to my lungs became the proximate concern. Living in Florida there were no options which provided any likelihood of increasing the survival rate. Dana-Farber in Boston had a new clinical trial which, while not making any promises, did offer some hope. It was a combination of immunotherapy and VEGF inhibitor. So the decision was made to go on the trial which involved flying to Boston every three weeks. Due to the surgery, treatment and distance to obtain treatment my career ended. I went on blind faith in God that He would figure out a way for cost to be covered. Shortly after starting the clinical trial, I was introduced to Lazarex Cancer Foundation by the clinical trial coordinator. Lazarex was the answer to a prayer I was looking for. Without Lazarex, the cost prohibitive travel and treatment would have been insurmountable.

Three years of treatment (flying to Boston every three weeks) provided a complete response. In other words, the cancer was undetectable. I am now two years post treatment with the same results. At all times the staff at Lazarex were professional and courteous. I was happy to see that they did carefully watch the financial allotment and confirm clinical trial status. This assures me today that when I give back to the foundation that gave so much, that waste will not be an issue. 

Written by Chris C. November 18, 2021

Faith and Hope