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Massachusetts Legislation Benefits Cancer Patients

Yesterday afternoon, December 22, 2020, the Healthcare Conference Committee, Co-Chaired by Representative Ron Mariano and Senator Cindy Friedman, released a compromise healthcare bill that includes language for improving patient access to cancer clinical trials. 

Lazarex Cancer Foundation is thrilled that after advocating for this legislation for more than five years, we are nearly at the finish line of achieving our goal of actively reimbursing patients for their out of pocket expenses and creating across the board reimbursement programs in Massachusetts!

The conference committee report is subject to final approval by the House and Senate before going to Governor Baker’s desk to be signed into law. It is important to note that at this point the bill is not subject to further changes by the legislature. We expect these last critical steps to happen in the coming days with a vote in the House and Senate as early as today.

Once passed, the law will create a permissive environment for fundraising, and the development of across-the-board reimbursement programs.

With many thanks to be expressed in the days ahead, Lazarex would first like to THANK REP. Hannah Kane, Leader Mariano, Mass Bio, MGH, Dana Farber and Senator Richard Ross who initiated this effort years ago, YOU as a Lazarex ambassador – for your support, your donations, your time, and your effort in helping pass this important legislation.